TITLE: “Three Way Conversation”

LOCATION: 7516 N. Clark

SIZE: 14’ x 5’ x 7’6”


SPONSOR: Rogers Park Business Alliance

“Three Way Conversation” is more about dialogue than discourse. It is intended to be a conversation, not a lecture. Leslie Bruning’s sculpture invites investigation. Like a good conversationalist, the piece draws you into its story. And like an honest storyteller, what “Three Way Conversation” has to say is completely different yet equally true when viewed from alternate vantage points.

Made from perforated material, “Three Way Conversation” is partially transparent. The sculpture contains an array of LED lights that transfer the illumination from the outside of the sculpture at day to the inside at night, creating a lantern-like effect. The metal sheeting, removed of its solidity by perforation, combined with an electrical element is a method firmly in the vein of Bruning’s current work. It is a continuation of an ongoing conversation between the artist and his work.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2017, 2014, 2021