TITLE: “Twin Souls”

LOCATION: 5287 W. Lawrence

SIZE: 10’ x 5’ x 4’

MATERIALS: Welded Aluminum, Powder Coating

SPONSOR: 45th Ward Placemaking Committee*

Gus & Lina Ocamposilva use strong aluminum to create their sculptures but yet make it appear as though it is soft and fluid. They have manipulated the material to a point where it no longer looks as though it has been overly manipulated. These forms incorporate tubes and exposed bolts into the design. Color also plays an important role in their sculptures as well as in our everyday lives. A colorful sculpture will draw attention and encourage observers to ponder the meaning of the sculpture.

“Twin Souls” is reminiscent of love and is an abstract rendering of two figures hugging. The Ocamposilva’s have incorporated contemporary and realistic elements into their work, while also continuing to include nature and the human form.

*45th Ward Placemaking Committee Sponsors: Alderman John Arena, Gale Street Inn, Mega Properties, Inc., Jeff Park Chamber of Commerce.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2018, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014