Chicago Sculpture Exhibit is the grateful recipient of counsel and services from a number of sources. The sharing of knowledge and the assistance provided by these friends and supporters has enabled CSE to continue to grow. Their contributions are vital to our success.

Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Chicago Park District

Executive Director
Jennifer Dedes Nowak

Photography & Design
John “Nunu” Zomot

Erin Druger

Professional Services
Robert Hirn, NHDS
Midwest Crane

Special Thanks
Eric Craig
Michael Dimitroff
Ted Sitting Crow Garner
Jack Guthman
Terrence Karpowicz
Jessica Papp
Alderman Bennett Lawson

2022 Jurors
Jeff Berta
Monika Cozzini
Eric Craig
Pam Cullerton
Vi Daley
Pam Farley
Ken Feldbein
Barb Guttmann
Kris Hansen
Fred Krol
Katie Lee
Tim Lindsay
Rosie M. Burke
Maureen Martino
Anita Mauro
Nicole McLellan
Jordan Miller
Sean Moloney
Eve Moran
Robert Morvay
Jessica Papp
Madeline Stelzer
Jennifer Tremblay
Tom Tunney
Linda Usher
Tricia Van Eck
Victoria Watkins
Heather Way Kitzes
Amy Wexler