TITLE: Gridman 3

LOCATION: Clark & Wisconsin (Lincoln Park)

SIZE: 13' 11" x 7' 8" x 4' 11"

MATERIALS: Sandblasted, Cast & Fabricated Aluminum

SPONSOR: Old Town Triangle Association

Stephen Daly received a BFA in Art from San Jose State University and an MFA in sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He retired after teaching sculpture for many years and continues studio practice with the addition of drawing combined with sculptural elements.
“Gridman 3” is representative of a dichotomy. It is either the most, well-equipped urban-wired-person or the embodiment of the fear of surveillance. Daly makes art that has a strong visual presence and communicates ideas that may be interpreted in multiple ways. At over 13 feet tall, “Gridman 3” presents an additional layer of content that leaves the viewer to consider not only the figurative subject, but also the situation in which the subject is involved. 



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit