TITLE: Celebrate

LOCATION: 1449 N. Wells St.

SIZE: 20’ x 8’ x 8’

MATERIALS: Painted Steel

SPONSOR: Old Town Merchants and Residents Association

Ruth Aizuss Migdal entered the School of the Art Institute where she received a BFA and continued her studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign, completing her MFA, both degrees in painting and printmaking. Migdal began working with the female torso using clay in 1971 until 1990 when she began to work in bronze. Her public sculptures continue that direction, using the female torso as a symbol of liberty and strength.

“Celebrate” is an addition to Migdal’s Diva series, which she has been creating in 2009. The female torsos are always in motion and always the brightest red. These women are dancing, jumping and flying. They signify freedom, joy, independence and strength. They defy our paternalistic society.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2013, 2012, 2009


Above photo shows selected year in exhibit
(Thumbnails show other years)


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