TITLE: Two to Tango

LOCATION: Clark Street - North of Drummond

SIZE: 15’ x 8’ x 4’

MATERIALS: Epoxy Clad Steel

SPONSOR: Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce

Kiebdaj is an exceptionally versatile sculptor. He carves stone and wood and fabricates with cast metals, bronze, steel and other alloys. His varied mediums have been appreciated by an equally diverse audience. Kiebdaj’s clients include Hugh Hefner, Roger Ebert and former Chicago Bear Willie Gault.

“Two to Tango” is part of a series of limited edition bronzes called the “Two to” series. In this work Kiebdaj pairs anthropomorphic corkscrews in a lively dance. Like Kiebdaj’s previous works, the “Cello Series,” “Two to Tango” continues to use the synesthetic coloration to add sensorial dimension to induce animation, sound, or temperature. In this work the senses are symphonically invoked to illustrate the apprehension inherent in coupling in polite society.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2011, 2010, 2009

Two to Tango

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