TITLE: Branches

LOCATION: 3430 N. Halsted

SIZE: 13’ x 10’ x 9’

MATERIALS: Painted Steel

SPONSOR: Northalsted Business Alliance / SSA #18

Ray Katz passion for sculpture began during his development as an artist. His sculptures are abstract. The manipulation of form in space creates visual balance using rhythm, action and movement. Katz then creates compositions that convey the implied energy found in his works.

“Branches” is part of a recent series of poly-chromatic sculptures that he has created as part of a new body of work. Katz’s sculptures allude to an evolutionary process that we all commonly share in the human experience. The active forms that are brought together represent the flux of life, and embrace transformative concepts such as evolution, metamorphosis and transcendence. These ideas and concepts are what separate his work from the historical and industrial influences from which he draws his connections.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit
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