TITLE: Woodland Suite

LOCATION: Seminary, Grace and Irving (Kelly Park)

SIZE: 25’ x 6’ x 7’

MATERIALS: aluminum

SPONSOR: East Lakeview Neighbors

Schuster is a sculptor and a landscape designer with 20 years of experience working on public projects. Trained as a ceramicist, he has explored reverse casting, direct sculpting, concrete casting in latex molds and the application of mosaics and found objects into concrete. His works can be found at many public buildings, including schools, libraries, shelters and public housing. He has also created pieces for private collections.

Phil has created a sculptural seating confi guration designed to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect and communicate on the passes and rebirth of our natural resources. The finished sculptures carry a patina that suggests they have been a part of their surroundings for all time.


Woodland Suite

Above photo shows selected year in exhibit