TITLE: Uplift

LOCATION: Broadway and Barry

SIZE: 11’ x 4’ x 5’


SPONSOR: Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce/SSA #8

Young’s works have been exhibited at shows in Chicago, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, California, and Washington D.C. In addition to sculpting he studied photography at Columbia College and he has taken that perspective into his sculpting. Like a photo, “Uplift” captures a single moment of thrilling motion.

The aluminum sculpture appears to rise weightlessly like leaves lifted by a breeze. Young has a talent for imbuing an organic gusto into the inert aluminum he sculpts. In “Uplift” the gusto is a moving breath pushing the sculpture up and elevating the viewer to the hopeful sentiment implied by its title.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008


Above photo shows selected year in exhibit
(Thumbnails show other years)