TITLE: Smoke

LOCATION: Eugenie and Cleveland

SIZE: 7’ x 12’ x 5’

MATERIALS: stainless steel tubing, steel objects

SPONSOR: Alderman Vi Daley

Lucy Slivinski finds a force in everything. It is her link between society and nature that is the common element. Her works continue that trend, branching out and radiating from a single core. Her use of industrial metals is the basis of her works. Like the fluid motions created by smoke traveling with wind currents, “Smoke” is the motion of the lines of tail pipes upward. The function of a tail pipe is to move exhaust away from an automobile into the atmosphere. Slivinski poetically captures this flow of energy and activity where it is released into the sky. She cautions that this sculpture is not about polluted air but about life and growth instead. Smoke

Slivinski began her art career as a weaver and many of her installations “weave” metal. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has participated in many group shows and one-person exhibitions.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit