TITLE: Drawing At Night

LOCATION: Fullerton, Lincoln & Halsted

SIZE: 10' x 4' 5" x 3' 5"

MATERIALS: Painted Welded Steel & Found Objects

SPONSOR: Wrightwood Neighbors Association

Prior to making a name for himself as an artist, George Tobolowsky had a long and successful career in business. A rare recipient of dual degrees in Accounting and Sculpture at Southern Methodist University, Tobolowsky has achieved acclaim in both fields.Tobolowsky talks about his art as an escape.

For him it is an opportunity to get out of the office, into nature, and to work with his hands. Despite this distance from the office, many of Tobolowsky’s pieces maintain a business room bravado. Hulking welded steel works, often weighing in the thousands of pounds, Tobolowsky’s pieces, such as “Drawing at Night”, achieve amazing elegance. Like a titan of business in a well-made suit, Tobolowsky’s pieces balance power with style.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit