TITLE: Learning Curve

LOCATION: Milwaukee & Metsger Plaza

SIZE: 12' x 10' x 6'

MATERIALS: Painted Welded Aluminum

SPONSOR: WPB SSA / Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce

Frederick Napoli’s playful piece, “Learning Curve” compiles wispy ribbons of painted aluminum. The work and the ribbons of which it is composed are intended to illustrate the need to learn and relearn skills throughout life. Like shavings from the larger blocks of experience, the multicolored fillings pile up, a catalogue of past undertakings.

Napoli has lived a rich life and he knows that a life well-lived will undoubtedly impart the importance of lifelong learning. In addition to creating art and working in business, Napoli has devoted years to teaching art to adults and children with disabilities.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit