TITLE: Expanding Universe

LOCATION: Grace and Southport - Blaine School

SIZE: 17’ x 17’ x 17’

MATERIALS: Polyester, Resin, Steel, Granite

SPONSOR: Chicago Cubs

Eric Lindsey has a BFA degree from Southern Illinois University and nearly 30 years of granite carving experience; experience that was certainly valuable when so flawlessly crafting the swollen, stretched surface of “Expanding Universe” as to convey an event in motion.

“Expanding Universe” is a piece of “meta” art. It is an exploration into itself; and the result is nothing more than an explanation of its own creation. The work is a reminder of what it feels like to be amongst a blossoming idea. “Expanding Universe” asserts its own theory of relativity: unbound by mass and weight, an idea is free to expand beyond the rude confines of infinity.


Expanding Universe

Above photo shows selected year in exhibit