TITLE: Tread

LOCATION: Larrabee & Armitage (Larrabee Park)

SIZE: 8'5" x 3' x3'

MATERIALS: Recycled Steel

SPONSOR: A. Finkl & Sons

Dusty Folwarczny developed an early connection with nature and organic forms as a result of her Missouri up-bringing and being exposed to her father’s steel company. Folwarczny later went on to receive a BFA in Sculpture from Truman State University.

“Tread” showcases Folwarczny’s exploration of the tension between heavy metal and gravity. The aesthetics from Folwarczny’s youth influence her art through the use of industrial scrap metal. Part of her sculpting process includes looking at a scrap pile of steel as a puzzle to be solved, as well as working in public spaces with the intention that her work be approachable and accessible.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009


Above photo shows selected year in exhibit
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