TITLE: Pipe Trapped Apparitions

LOCATION: 1858 N. Mohawk

SIZE: 15’ x 5’ x 3’

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Steel & Powder Coat

SPONSOR: Susan and Harry Seigle

Charles Yost combines geometric and organic elements in his work. He believes that interaction between the viewer and the sculpture is important. Kinetic movement in some of his pieces encourages the viewer to set the forms in motion. In some cases, the viewer may even rearrange the design possibilities.

“Pipe Trapped Apparitions” embodies both geometric and organic elements with color added where whimsy dictates. Yost has always been interested in observing and equating geometric, machine-like, industrial forms as they interact visually and aesthetically in functional use. In this respect, organic-like shapes juxtaposed with the harder edged forms compliment each other.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2013, 2011, 2010, 2008


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