TITLE: Sorcerer’s Gate

LOCATION: 1747 N. Clark (In the Park)

SIZE: 13’ x 10’ x 3’

MATERIALS: Aluminum - Powder Coated

SPONSOR: Old Town Triangle Association

Bruce White is an accomplished artist and teacher whose body of work includes sculptures across the conceptual spectrum from breezy to monumental. Some of White’s works are so large they make the thirteen foot-tall “Sorcerer’s Gate” diminutive by comparison while some are so unobtrusive that they could have grown right out of the ground where they stand.

“Sorcerer’s Gate” is a version of the most classic types of public and municipal art: an archway. This archway is embellished with ridges, curves and topped with a twist and glow a bright, unnatural purple. Unlike the austere arches that welcome viewers to the centers of European cities, White’s work suggests the beginning to an exotic and idiosyncratic pathway.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit


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