TITLE: Table Acer

LOCATION: Belmont and Greenview (St. Luke’s Church)

SIZE: 19’ x 3’ 6” x 4’

MATERIALS: wood - maple

SPONSOR: Lakeview Chamber of Commerce / SSA #27

Boone is making his inaugural appear-ance with LSE. His sculptures are chiseled from wood. Over the past 20 years he has created many interior and exterior sculptures. His carvings can be figurative or functional. With an MFA in Painting from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Boone has participated in numerous group and solo showings of his paintings. He continues to teach adult classes in watercolor, concepts and techniques of drawing and figure drawing.

Berthold Boone has created a piece that is a tribute to the fascinating and familiar winged silver maple seed. The seed landing on a table, merging with the table top, has found its target. The meeting of the seed and table is the chance beginning of a creative, inspirational chain reaction. It is the planting of an idea, the promise of what will or may become.

YEARS EXHIBITED: 2010, 2009, 2008

Table Acer

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