TITLE: Obelisk 1

LOCATION: Halsted & Dickens

SIZE: 10' x 2' x 2'

MATERIALS: Steel, Plywood, String, Plumb Bob

SPONSOR: Sheffield Neighborhood Association

Andrew Green exhibits a Southwestern influence in his work and brings an element of that soul to this years’ exhibit. Green’s works often utilize natural materials in a manner that is orderly and strategic. The result is deliberate and beautiful.

Green’s sculpture “Obelisk 1” is a work of harmony. One of the oldest and most enduring symbols in human history, the obelisk calls back through generations and civilizations. Green is asking us to view this icon, constructed as it is from modern and common parts, as evidence that life is fashioned from connections beyond those we commonly recognize. The sculpture’s central element, the plumb bob, has been used since the time of ancient Egypt to confirm that creations are “plumb”, level, or balanced.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit