TITLE: Calibration

LOCATION: Belden West of Halsted (DePaul University)

SIZE: 14'6" 6' x 10'


SPONSOR: DePaul University

Luke Achterberg describes his sculptures as references to other originally American forms of artistic expression; hot-rodding, graffiti and street art. It may be because these mediums are practiced subversively that their practitioners compel themselves to create such inspired and technically challenging art.
His piece “Calibration” proves that Achterberg is in league with the most gifted outsider artists whom he references. The liquid-luminous, unkempt steel of  “Calibration” would look natural adorning a tattooed shoulder, spray painted on an interstate overpass, or emblazed on a garage-modified street racer.  The only difference between his free-formed yet artistically disciplined creation and the works of his muses is that Achterberg’s burst out of the ground, as if defying placement on body, bridge or automobile.



Above photo shows selected year in exhibit

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