exhibit collage

The range of artists and styles of work that have been shown at the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit over more than 10 years is exhilarating. On these pages you can search our archive by exhibition year or by artist to view sculptures from the show over the years. All of the sculptures displayed in CSE are available for purchase, unless otherwise indicated.

CSE is happy to help if you have any questions about a specific artist or sculpture. Please use the contact page on this website to request additional information. Many artists work in more than one medium. CSE will connect you with an artist if you are particularly drawn to one whether for a large-scale sculpture or another type of work. Most artists will be happy to work with you to identify an appropriate medium that still reflects their own style.

We apologize for any sculptures that are not listed as sold but that are no longer available for purchase. CSE makes every effort to keep up-to-date on the availability of works from previous shows.